Chaotic, riddled with corruption and dogged by unemployment and inflation, Iraq must grapple not only with security concerns, but also the impact of the dramatic drop in oil prices on its economy. Oil forms an overwhe [...]

PetroChina, Exxon approached for oil project

IRAQ, OPEC’S second-largest producer, has approached PetroChina and ExxonMobil about investing in a multi-billion-dollar project to boost output from its smaller southern oilfields, a senior Iraqi oil official said. [...]

A tough sell

Iraq received its first credit rating last month and plans to issue its first bond in decades, but with low oil prices and extremism on the rise, will there be takers? [...]

Under fire

Recent incidents affecting aircraft landing at Baghdad’s international airport underline the risks airlines, and passengers, run when using Iraq’s main gateway [...]

Operating in a state of flux

Iraq’s political, religious and social complexities are unlikely to be simplified eased by recent military action against Islamic State, even if there are signs that the jihadi group’s advances are being repelled [...]