A different animal

Investors find that the Nasdaq Index is a very different animal to the days of the dot com bubble 15 years ago [...]

The great US divide

Oil’s slide to the lowest price in more than five years is carving a divide between US shale drillers who heavily hedged future production, and those who didn’t [...]

On the brink of all-out conflict

Yemen is still struggling to adapt to life after former president Ali Abdullah Saleh, with multiple forces at play threatening to plunge the poor country into all-out war [...]

Lessons learned

Still haunted by its failed attempt to prevent a steep drop in oil prices by slashing production by almost three quarters in the 1980s, Saudi Arabia is determined not to repeat the mistake [...]

Rocket science

The variety and range of Hamas’ rocket arsenal have steadily improved since it emerged as an underground militant group in 1987 [...]