Ibn Khaldun

Fast track to success

The Gulf states’ mediocre return of medals at the recent Rio Olympics underscores the challenge of making the region’s sportspeople, naturalised or otherwise, globally competitive [...]

Keep calm and carry on

‘Brexit’ could lead to greater British engagement with Gulf states, offsetting economic and commercial volatility in Europe [...]

Visions of change

As Gulf states grapple with low oil prices and economic transformation, much will depend on the attitude of ruling circles as agents of change [...]

Widening network of ties

The interdependence of world energy markets and the depth of US strategic and political ties with Israel mean all US administrations will retain an interest in regional stability in the Middle East [...]

Securing seats at the table

By building up strategic partnerships with think tanks in DC, Gulf governments have ensured themselves a seat at the table when important foreign policy decisions are being discussed [...]

Seizing the day

The Gulf’s current economic transition coincides with a period of generational change for the region [...]

Charting new territory

2016 appears set to be the year that GCC states grab the proverbial bull by the horns and map out the pathway towards becoming genuinely post-oil economies [...]

Devising smart solutions

The fall in international oil prices over the past 18 months has added urgency to the notion that ‘smart cities’ can be at the forefront of citizen-centred development models [...]

Taking the plunge

The renewed drop in oil prices has once again sparked debate about the political and economic repercussions for the oil producing states in the Gulf [...]