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Corporate social responsibility

Special Report

ORYX GTL – Redefining CSR

August 2012

Implicit in CSR is that companies adopt policies and best practices that go beyond the minimum and contribute to the welfare of the wider community

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is defined in several ways but at its core is the achievement of commercial success in ways that respect ethical values, people, communities and the natural environment or more briefly, good citizenry.

Thus a set of policies, practices and programmes must be integrated into the core culture of the business operations from supply chains, processes, recruitment, health and safety, efficiency and decision-making. These in turn relate to a host of issues such as business ethics, community investment, environmental concerns, good governance, the development of human capital in the workplace, and, of course, commercial relations and profitability.

Companies such as ORYX GTL has revolutionised the international market for environmentally-friendly liquid fuels from its $1 billion state-of-the art gas-to-liquids (GTL) manufacturing complex in Qatar’s Ras Laffan Industrial City. Implicit in this future fuel energy vision which is inextricably linked with the goals of Qatar’s National Vision 2030 is the central theme of education, the concept of sustainable development, the generation of long-term economic growth and the conservation of the environment all through the responsible exploitation of hydrocarbon resources.

When commissioned in June 2006, the ORYX GTL project was the world’s first fully-integrated commercial facility for the production of premium, environmentally-friendly, easily transportable and marketable high-performance fuels such as diesel, naphtha and LPG liquids.

Six years later and ORYX GTL remains at the forefront of the world’s future fuel revolution setting the pace to deliver on the immense market potential of GTL by its commitment to excellence and developing and commercialising the fuels of tomorrow.

How does one create such levels of excellence in an organisation such as ORYX GTL in terms of the manufacturing and production processes and at the same time define the key performance indicators and be accountable to stakeholders for an ever-changing set of CSR issues with an increasing demand for transparency, measurement and reporting to improve social, environmental and economic performance.

As well as the commercial success of ORYX GTL with its daily 34,000 barrels a day (b/d) production, the plant is also operating at full capacity meeting the most stringent fuel emission specifications with record production levels and a track record of industry firsts.

GTL fuels are attractive because they are easier to transport in liquid form and burn more cleanly than other fuels. This fits Qatar’s long-term economic vision which seeks a more responsible and sustainable exploitation of hydrocarbon resources.

The company is fully committed to education with growing links with academia, career development, and outreach initiatives such as energy awareness campaign in local schools, the Green Programme for Schools (GPS) in which ORYX GTL is a gold sponsor, as an extension of its CSR, undertakes to enhance energy awareness in schools.

ORYX GTL collaborates closely with major higher education establishments including Qatar University and Texas A&M University (TAMUQ) which undertake vital research and development work and other functions in partnership with the company. The Gas Processing Centre (GPC) at Qatar University is acting as a catalyst for collaboration between industrial partners and academics with ORYX GTL a key member of the technical advisory committee. The company already sponsors an academic chair for the department of mechanical engineering at Qatar University.

ORYX GTL actively promotes education and development in the local community such as the Awsaj Academy which provides specialist education for children with learning difficulties.

The academy is a truly unique learning institution located on the campus of Qatar Foundation.

Engagement with youth was further extended at the World Environment Day (WED) and Qatar Petroleum Environment Fair celebrated by the company in June. WED is a global campaign run by the United Nations Environment Programme which seeks to address environmental, social and economic sustainability issues.

ORYX GTL is an active and enthusiastic participant in both initiatives taking a leadership role in its contributions to Qatar’s green and sustainable economic future.

The company is also involved in promoting digital literacy programme in Qatar targeting women which was launched in association with the Qatar Independent Technical School (QITS).

ORYX GTL took on the task of identifying the needs of the community as part of the company’s corporate social responsibility programme. The company helps women develop their computer literacy skills in order to be better equipped for future job opportunities.

CSR is also underpinned by internal processes with ORYX GTL committed to a zero-compromise culture of health and safety practices and setting new benchmarks.

It has taken this to an even higher level recently with the announcement of an impressive, new milestone in safety records.

The company recorded a Total Recordable Incidence Rate (TRIR) of just 0.05, the lowest figure achieved since the plant commenced operations.

ORYX GTL encourages its employees to take individual and collective responsibility for safety issues that affect them and their colleagues at work and at home.

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